Welcome to our premier selection of Deal Jackets, also known as Vehicle Sales Jackets. These specialized jackets are essential tools for auto dealerships, simplifying the organization and safeguarding of crucial paperwork associated with vehicle sales and services. Our Deal Jackets are designed to offer unmatched durability and spacious storage, catering to the needs of seasoned sales professionals and meticulous record-keepers alike.


Within each Deal Jacket, you'll find ample storage for vital documents, including sales contracts, DMV paperwork, credit applications, and service records. Many states require the retention of these documents for extended periods in compliance with state laws.What distinguishes our Deal Jackets is their user-friendly exterior design. They feature dedicated spaces for recording essential transaction details such as year, make, model, VIN, address, mileage, and more, streamlining the record-keeping process. Upon completing a deal, all relevant documents are securely stored within the Deal Jacket and forwarded to the office for meticulous record-keeping. Some documents can be conveniently transferred into vehicle document folders, ready for customer presentation or glove box placement.


Our range of Deal Jackets encompasses various standard formats tailored to different vehicle types, from new cars to used trucks. If our standard fields don't align with your specific requirements, we offer the flexibility to create custom Deal Jackets personalized to your business processes.


Whether for accounting, detailing, or finalizing vehicle sales, our high-quality Deal Jackets are tailored to meet your diverse requirements. Experience the convenience and reliability of our Deal Jackets today and elevate your record-keeping efficiency.

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  • Deal jackets available in multiple color options Buff deal jackets Blue deal jackets Gray deal jackets Green deal jackets

    Deal Jackets, Standard Print

    Introducing our versatile and durable Deal Jackets – the ultimate organizational solution for your dealership! Choose from a wide array of vibrant colors that effortlessly define cars, trucks, used cars, years, and more. Whether you're looking to...

  • buff-colored used car record envelope with black print

    Used Car Record Envelope

    Streamline your used car sales and maintenance process with our convenient Used Car Record Envelopes. Designed to organize vehicle details, purchaser information, trade-in records, and reconditioning & repair notes, our record jackets ensure all...

  • Custom deal jackets printed in personalized designs in various colors of pink, purple, buff, white, and yellow. Custom blue deal jacket printed in personalized design Custom gray deal jacket printed in personalized designs Custom green deal jacket printed in personalized design Custom buff colored deal jacket printed in personalized design

    Custom Deal Jackets - Qty. 500

    Choose from any one of our 12 colors. We can match your existing envelope or help you design your own. Available in standard (9" x 12") or heavy-duty (9-3/8" x 12" with 1/2" extension) dimensions Choose beteween 32# Kraft Paper or 100# stock Prints one...

  • Blank deal jackets for car dealerships in multiple colors Buff deal jackets Blue deal jackets Gray deal jackets Green deal jackets

    Deal Jackets, Blank

    Choose from 12 different colors. These colors make it easy to define cars, trucks, used cars, years, etc. Available in printed or plain stock. 9” x 12” 32# Kraft Paper Available packaged 100 or 500 per box

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